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iSmartOne Inventory Control™

With iSmartOne Inventory Control™ 
software, you will have instant access to vital information about your inventory to help you make better ordering decisions!

Inventory Screenshots
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  • Effectively manage inventory at multiple locations from a central office or warehouse.
  • View stock levels at any site, or all sites at once.
  • Avoid overstocking or running out of items, and reduce wastage.
  • Cut costs and labor with better ordering practices.
  • View low stock level Alerts and quickly generate Purchase Orders by Supplier.
  • Task-Oriented Security allows maximum control of user access rights.
  • Optionally require approval of all Purchase Orders submitted by site managers.
  • Create Location to Location Transfer Orders
  • Customizable reports allow filtering, grouping and sorting.
  • Export report data in one of 7 formats for maximum portability to other programs.
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