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ISmartOne Software is a product of Data Business Systems

It's not about us, it's about YOU!


When the idea for developing an Inventory Control Software solution was first conceived, we were confident about what we knew, with our collective backgrounds in food service, technology, consulting, software development and support, and solid business practices. We did the normal market research, checked out solutions offered by our competition, and we forged ahead. Then we talked to some business owners and school food service professionals, and asked them what they were currently using for inventory management. What we heard quickly humbled us, and taught us a valuable lesson that would become the foundation of our company philosophy.

We learned that many of them had purchased one or more inventory software solutions in the past, at great expense we might add, solutions that looked good on paper and in the demo videos but, in practice, were just too difficult to use... even for the most technical-minded, software-savvy, intelligent people around. In the end, some of them gave up and went back to pen and paper, sticky notes, and Excel files. They had no idea how much inventory was in stock at each storage location at any given time, and they frequently ran out of items, and/or ended up with overstocked items, and lots of wastage, all of which increased costs, and lowered profit margins, not to mention the number of additional labor hours spent putting out fires that might have been prevented with better decision-making tools.

So where did this knowledge lead us? We knew we already had a good, affordable inventory solution, but "good" just wasn't good enough. So... we scrapped what we had done so far and started over...twice! With passion and a staunch determination to develop a Smart, Simple inventory solution, iSmartOne Inventory Control ™ software was born... a familiar, web-based, inventory software solution that's both easy to use AND easy on your budget.

It's not about us, or our ability to "do great software". It's all about YOU, and what YOUR business needs are, and that's why we love what we do! This is the philosophy which is infused into everything we do, from our software to our service and support. We know you have a wide range of software companies and solutions to choose from. What sets us apart is that we listen to you... your questions, your problems, your input, and your comments and suggestions, because no one knows your business needs better than you do.

We invite you to experience OUR definition of a great software company, and exceptional products and service that you'll want to tell your friends about.